United Artisans Case Study


A Business System To Manage It All

It’s harder by yourself… Meet Amber. An artist who decided to risk everything to open an art store. Her goal, to make art education available to a passionate public and to give other artists an avenue to sell their work. United Artisans of America is a retail shop with a consignment twist. When Amber opened the store she quickly realized that she had a huge learning curve and that she would not have as much time as she originally thought for art. Trying to track artist sales, taking payments on her smartphone, and recording inventory by hand consumed what seemed like all of her time. She knew she needed her operation to have a technology system for centralized business management.

Now I Can See…After searching for and trying multiple point of sale applications, but all she ended up finding was the need to keep looking. Her business was unique and what she needed was an affordable solution that could account for every aspect of her business. Then she found Bepoz and afterwards she said, “…it has changed by business world.” This was because there were so many features that enabled her to organize her different kinds of consigners, arrange services, and track inventory all in one interface. With the Entrepreneur Edition by Bepoz Amber was able to create automatic billing for booth rentals and run commission reports for all the sales for each artist including custom commission rules. All while using the reporting dashboards to see her true profit.

Back to the Heart…Amber found that Bepoz gave her more than a point of sale recording transactions; it consolidated her workflows to give her more time to do what she really loved… Art. Getting businesses back to doing what they do best is at the heart of what Bepoz is about. Working Smarter Everyday is at the core of each feature and function we make. It also means that the results should prove the value of Bepoz each and every day. Now Amber has an organized business, compact workflows, and at an affordable price. These are the stories all of us love to hear and we wish Amber all the success in the world.