Let Your POS Help with Your Omni-Channel Strategy

Shopping online at a well-designed web store can consist of a personal greeting message, personal product recommendations, product info, videos, cross-selling offers, delivery times, stock information, and even a coupon for your next order. Shopping at the same online store’s brick and mortar can sometimes be a totally different shopping experience. In most cases, the shopper has to physically walk to the jeans rack, and look for an associate for help to find their size to find they are out of stock.

These shopping experiences are polar opposites; however, there are ways to integrate the physical network of stores with an online environment in order to offer customers a shopping experience that is just as rich, engaging, and personalized as the one they can get in the online store.

Optimizing Your POS for Commerce

A quality POS system with omni-channel order management solution software can make it possible to introduce a single stock display across all sales channels, integrate product information and stock levels with the online catalog, offer flexible fulfillment options, and provide a great shopping experience for your customers.

Creating an Engaging Shopping Experience

Use digital screens to display seasonal product videos or short advertising spots. In addition, equip your sales associates with tablets with integrated user interfaces that include product info, customer reviews, similar products, and stock levels.

Create Loyalty

Why not ask for a name and email as soon as a customer enters a store? That way you can look up repeat customers to see previous purchases. This type of approach is VIP treatment, and your customers will notice. It might look like this.

“Hi John, Welcome back. How is the lawnmower working out that you recently purchased? Have you thought about adding any attachments for it? We have sales currently running that I think you might want to check out in aisle 4.”

Also, it’s always great to let a customer know that they have a coupon to utilize on their account, or some other promotion that is available to them.

After the customer has a superior shopping experience, they can leave the store fully satisfied. By interlinking your sales channels with a uniform brand appearance, tone, and quality service you can expect to make a difference in your bottom line, and add value over time for your customers.

Call Bepoz to help you strategize an omni-channel order management solution that fits your business.