The Secret to Running the Best Boutique Shop in Town


Customer service is king, or should we say “queen,” when it comes to the boutique market. While the products are typically unique, stylish, and pricey, it can take more of a personal sales touch to make a sale, and bring the customer back again.

Your point-of-sale (POS) system is not just a cash register, it can also help boutique owners provide better customer service in a variety of ways. And it’s the customer service that is going to give your shop the edge above the rest.

Bring them Back

Incentivize your customers to come back to the shop, and increase the frequency of those repeat visits. Your POS system can track analytics like customer’s purchases and frequency of purchases. That way you can watch every customer touch point. This will help you to decide what you can offer as part of your routine customer-care processes. You can also send newsletters and emails telling them about new products and special offers.

Satisfy Them

Want to satisfy your customers? Then make sure you have the right items in your boutique. Watch what sells and what doesn’t. Build your business around your customer’s choices, rather than other statistics or even your own opinion. Keep track through POS software reports.

Options for Payment

In today’s world, accepting only cash in your place of business is rare. There are many forms of payment and most POS systems can accept these forms including cash, credit, check, gift cards, and even Apple Pay and EMV chip cards.

Fast Check-out

A reliable POS system eliminates human error by using integrated barcode scanning which increases speed. No more punching in numbers into a cash register. Speedy transactions mean more sales, and happier customers.

Collect Emails/Email Receipts

Give your customers an option to receive an emailed receipt. This not only helps them with an electronic sales trail, but gives you an opportunity to ask to add them to your data list.

Undeniably, customer service is one of the secret elements of managing a boutique. Quality care and service can be maximized with a reliable POS system. Call Bepoz if you want to take your boutique to the next level in customer service with a point-of-sale system.