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25 Jul

It’s Easier to Save a Dollar than Earn a Dollar: Use Your POS to Save Big!

Every dollar counts when you’re striving to build and maintain a profitable business. By leveraging Bepoz Point of Sale software features, you can ensure that you’re optimizing customer relationships and streamlining operations to eliminate wasted expenses. Here’s how.

Strategize promotions:

Aside from the fact that there are costs associated with offering customers printed coupons, a promotion that’s perfect at boosting average order values one afternoon may cause you to lose money on a busier day when customers would buy with or without an offer. Likewise, the inventory you have on hand may demand whether you want to “package” certain items for a limited time, to move smaller quantities of inventory with larger ones. With Bepoz POS, you can automatically schedule special pricing and deals to apply and expire based on your business needs at any given time. As you “test and learn,” the POS also makes it simple to run reports for a deeper understanding of which offers perform well based on your objectives. Over time, you can eliminate wasting marketing dollars on ineffective printed or direct mail campaigns.

Optimize and manage inventory:

Ensuring that you have the products on hand that deliver the experience customers want — while wasting as little of it as possible — is the key to realizing at least some return for every dollar you spend. Because discounts and special pricing of inventory are controlled by the Bepoz POS and do not allow for staff override, you can ensure that your pricing is accurate, and reflective of what the customer receives. If you serve alcohol, Bepoz POS also ensures that servers verify a customer’s date of birth, to mitigate your exposure to costly legal risk. Ordering the inventory you need in the appropriate quantity is simple, too; you can even receive inventory on a mobile.

Thank customers immediately:

QSR Magazine reports that despite the popularity of restaurant customer loyalty programs, many fail to deliver a true benefit to business or customer, because the program “hurdles” are too high. With Bepoz POS, you can make rewards programs relevant and valuable to each customer by, for example, offering a discount they can redeem immediately, based on the amount of money spent or items ordered. Additionally, Bepoz POS equips you to conduct “real-time” promotions, such as one that might offer every customer who orders a certain menu item the opportunity to win a free meal or drinks.

Minimize check out times:

Making customers wait several minutes to finalize the processing of their bill can quickly sour an otherwise great experience that could lead to referrals and repeat visits. With efficiency-optimized product and tender keys, and the ability to combine images and text on the keyboard template to aid in item identification, Bepoz POS empowers staff to process orders quickly. Should your electricity or wireless network be temporarily disrupted, Bepoz POS “Offline Mode” ensures that you are able to conduct POS transactions without interruption.

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