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30 Jun

Using the POS to Sell Your Most Profitable Items

All businesses want to sell more — but when you can sell your most profitable items, you’ll fare even better. Here are few simple ways that you can leverage Bepoz Point of Sale to ensure that the items you hope are a part of every transaction remain top of mind — for both your employees and customers.

Help your staff upsell.

Regardless of how well versed and talented your customer-facing staff are, it can be a challenge to give customers the service that suits their needs while presenting the most profitable options to upsell. With your Bepoz POS, you can display fixed-position customer LCD screens with a visual slideshow that promotes the products and add-ons you want customers to consider as part of their existing purchase, right at the point of sale.

Keep pricing current.

If you’ve just received news of a short-term discount opportunity for purchasing a certain quantity of product from a vendor, or negotiated a more favorable purchase agreement with a vendor that will make newly profitable products higher priority, Bepoz POS real-time expression ensures you can leverage such business opportunities immediately. Because new pricing adjustments are reflected across all your systems, when you change an item’s price in the back office, the change immediately takes place at the POS terminal too. Not only does such integration ease your own operational demands, but it ensures that your front-of-house staff are equipped with real-time updates to optimize their efficacy.

Improve inventory control.

Ease the process of taking, ordering and receiving with Bepoz POS and the handheld Bepoz SmartPDE, which can be used with a wireless network, or plugged into a computer and downloaded at your convenience. Armed with SmartPDE, which includes a built-in scanner, you can maintain complete, real-time control over your most profitable items, including establishing unique rules for reordering and replenishment, creating purchase orders and invoices directly from the device, and transferring stock to different locations to avoid surpluses or shortages of the items you most want to sell.

Package offers appropriately.

In addition to moving your most profitable products, Bepoz POS can help you analyze which products you have in small quantity and have a hard time selling to create appealing “free gift” or “package” deals that allow you to move unwanted inventory, and enhance the appeal of profitable products in tandem. By analyzing and segmenting your customers with your Bepoz POS data, you can also target customers based on their geographic location and purchase history to determine the right offer, at the right price. Leverage loyalty programs offered through your POS by offering additional rewards earning opportunities when customers buy profitable items.

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