The ABC’s of List Building With Your POS

You are about to welcome masses of shoppers through your store doors. Dare we say that several holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner? That means there is no better time to strategize and prepare on how you will build your customer database. Shoppers will be right in front of you. Collecting their data with your point-of-sale (POS) system is essential.

First, why is this so important? It helps you understand who your shoppers are; where they live; what they buy; how much they spend; and how frequently they spend. Once you know these things, you know how to personalize your promotions, project your sales revenue, make purchasing decisions, and so much more. Your POS can store all this information, and pull the data so you can review and analyze.

So are you ready to build your list? Here are the ABC’s to list building with your POS.

A. Collect Data

During checkout have cashiers ask for customer’s emails, or better yet, set your POS to ask for it as the customer follows the prompts during their check out.

Using signage at the point-of-sale can also be effective in communicating your email collection policy and its benefits. For example, a simple sign saying: “Sign up for electronic receipts, and also receive discounts and promotions.”

B. Don’t Assume

Just because someone says they want electronic receipts doesn’t mean they want emails. If you want to send them more than receipts, make sure they know that when they sign up. Then make sure you follow through and do what you say you are going to do. If your employees will be asking for an email, make sure they are trained on letting the customer know what types of emails they will be receiving.

C. Option to Opt Out

Just like you asked if they wanted to provide their email address, give the option for them to unsubscribe. It’s the polite thing to do. If you notice you are receiving a lot of unsubscribes, there is most likely a disconnect between you and your customers. Are you sending out too many emails? Are the emails providing value or do they just scream things like, “Come buy stuff.” Utilize your POS data to review and troubleshoot.

Once you get into the flow of collecting data, and reviewing it, it will start to drive your promotional and inventory decisions and also your sales. Bepoz’s POS systems can help you build your customer list. Call for a demo today.