Summer Blockbuster Preparation With Your POS

Summer tends to be the biggest season for movie theaters. The summer of 2016 is no different, with hopeful blockbusters like X-men, Jason Bourne and The Legend of Tarzan scheduled for release. If you own and operate a movie theatre, let your point-of-sale (POS) system help you prepare for the increase in business, as well as how to drum up even more.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to prepare for the biggest hits of the season utilizing your POS system.

Promotions/Loyalty Programs

Once you know what movies you will be releasing, you’ll know what type of audience to prepare for with inventory and promotions. School-age children on summer break help to bring an increase in ticket sales, so why not offer a promotion for the kids? Consider a kids afternoon with discounted tickets and/or special concessions. One way to get the message out besides advertising is through your loyalty program. Your POS software can help you review your clientele data. Then pinpoint parents with an email that will provide value to them and an incentive to come to the movies. Use this method with any demographic and see what happens!

Inventory Control

If you plan special promotions, make sure your concession stand is stocked with your promotional offers. There’s nothing worse then thinking about the Snickers bar you will eat while watching the movie, but the movie staff telling you they are sold out.

Review your inventory data in your POS system. It’s very simple and easy to use. Bepoz’s software can help you determine what you need to order so that you never run out, or end up with too much.


You also want to consider staffing. In your head you might now your busy periods, but your POS can help confirm or deny that knowledge with stats. That way you always have the right amount of staff to cover busy periods, and never have staff standing around when it’s slow.


If you’re a small cinema, it can be hard to fit in all the new releases at your facility, especially if you’re working with limited screen space. This is where scheduling becomes extremely important. Can you show more kids’ movies during the day, and then switch over to the summer adult hits at night? If you’ve done some preliminary thinking about the demographics, then your POS system can help you manage your screens. That way there is no confusion about what is playing where and when.

So what will your next steps be to prepare for the summer blockbusters of 2016? Will you start planning your promotions, digging into your inventory stats, and reviewing your staffing and screen scheduling? Taking any small direction toward these efforts will make a big difference in your summer attendance and sales.