26 Mar

What Industries use Point of Sale Software Systems?

Point of sale or POS refers to any kind of professional environment in which a customer purchases a product or service and the retailer receives compensation. Very often, the customer will receive a receipt upon the finalization of their purchase. Point of sale permeates the world in a variety of industries, some more subtle than

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19 Mar

Point of Sale Software for Retail Businesses

Well-functioning cash registers have long been the lifeblood of retail stores. After all, it’s difficult to operate a business efficiently without things working seamlessly at the point of sale. But cash registers are limited with regard to functionality. For some businesses, there’s a better option — a Point of Sale (POS) system. These systems can

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12 Mar

Why Customer Engagement is So Important for Small Businesses

Without customers, any business will fail; but for the small business, loyal customers are their lifeblood. Marketing becomes a fulltime necessary evil until customer loyalty, which leads to repeat customers and customer referrals, can be established. Obtaining new customers is much more difficult and expensive than maintaining a repeating and loyal customer base through the

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05 Mar

Mobile POS Systems: The Tablet

Long check-out lines, poor customer service and limited payment methods are just a few of the challenges traditionally faced by both small business and large retailers. Add in the fact that today’s consumers expect even faster, more efficient retail experiences, and it becomes clear that businesses need to continually evolve in order to meet consumer

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26 Feb

How Bepoz POS Software Aids in Business Management

Point of sale software from Bepoz helps companies take their business management to the next level. Like any point of sale software, it helps companies conduct their business while keeping their inventory in check and accounts balanced. This software, however, goes the extra mile and helps business of all sizes manage their accounting, reports, pricing

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19 Feb

How the Right POS System Can Increase Efficiency of your Bar

Running a bar can be a difficult but lucrative business. Every night, you have clientele quickly coming and going while buying drinks and food from different bartenders or waiters. Keeping track of all their purchases, maintaining open tabs, and tracking specials and promotions, all while making a profit, can be overwhelming. In addition, over pouring

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05 Feb

The Benefits of Bepoz Point of Sale Software

If your commercial operation involves initiating transactions to exchange payment for goods sold, a Point of Sales (POS) system is a must. What is even more important is that the system you implement to perform these tasks is capable of doing its job on a consistent basis, the success and reputation of your business requires

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31 Jan

Using POS Software to Control Over Pouring

While it might seem to some that running a bar is a highly lucrative business, the reality is that there are many expenses that can dramatically cut into the profitability of your establishment. Everything from rent and utilities in a popular area of town to employee salaries and benefits can significantly drive down the margins

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29 Jan

Why Hotels Need Bepoz POS Software

The importance of having a top notch point of sale system cannot be overstated. A good point of sale system will not just process client transactions but also make it possible for a hotel to keep track of important client information, log rewards given to long-term customers and keep track of inventory. A good system

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