29 Jan

Why Hotels Need Bepoz POS Software

The importance of having a top notch point of sale system cannot be overstated. A good point of sale system will not just process client transactions but also make it possible for a hotel to keep track of important client information, log rewards given to long-term customers and keep track of inventory. A good system will also provide detailed reports that enable hotel management to assess how the hotel is doing at present and chart a profitable course for its future.

Why Choose Bepoz Software

Hoteliers that are looking for a top quality point of sale system may want to consider the Bepoz point of sale software. This POS caters to the hotel industry, which means that it will have the customized fields that an hotelier would need to adequately process payments and other important information. This software can not only handle transactions related to accommodations but also process hotel restaurant, bar, spa and other related payments.

Special Settings for Promotional Offers

The Bepoz system can easily be set to accommodate special promotions. These promotions may be seasonal or occur at a particular time each day; either way, the system can be easily programmed to provide the right price regardless of the occasion.

Inventory Management

Bepoz POS software is also able to provide inventory management. This not only saves a hotel a great deal of manpower but also enables the hotel to keep important items in stock at all times.

Detailed Reports and Ease of Access

Another advantage of using this particular system is that a busy hotel manager or owner can schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly reports. These reports are automatically sent to one’s email address. What is more, the system can be accessed using not just a laptop but also an iPad or even a smartphone. This ease of access enables a busy owner or manager to stay abreast of how the hotel is doing even if he or she cannot be physically present at the hotel. It is an ideal feature for anyone with hotel branches located in various cities or even countries.

Bepoz point of sale software is tailor-made to meet the needs of the hotel industry. Its many features and amenities make it an ideal option for international five-star hotel chains, affordable hotel chains, bed and breakfast locales, hostels, inns and other similar places of business. This software program is easy to use, accessible, fast, efficient and thorough, making it a great option for those who want to streamline hotel operations and provide better customer service at lower cost.

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