8 Ways Your POS Can Help With Customer Appreciation

The New Year is right around the corner, and just because holiday sales are winding down, doesn’t mean your customer traffic has to wind down too. We’ve got a few ideas to help you retain all your new customers, and build more. Here are 8 ways your Point-of-Sale (POS) can help with customer appreciation.

1. Loyalty/Rewards Program

If you haven’t started a loyalty/rewards program, you should. These types of programs encourage customers to return by using incentives, advanced access to new merchandise, and even freebies. Your POS collects valuable customer data then tracks things like how often your customers shop, what they buy, how much they spend, etc.

2. SMS Messaging (Texting)

Email used to be the king for communication, but these days it’s changing. SMS messaging (texting) seems to be on the rise. Research shows response rates from SMS are 209% higher than from phone calls, Facebook, or email.The reality is you get more eyeballs reading your message through texting. Remember, customers must opt-in to this service, just like they do for emails. Set up a promo code through your POS, schedule the message, and text away! Watch customers come back to purchase your great deal!

3. Choose A Customer Of The Day

Customers like to feel special. Since it’s so easy to track customers with your POS system, choose a customer of the day based on your criteria. Reward that customer with a discount. Have the chosen customer come in and get a picture for your social media channels.

4. Pay Attention To Loyal Customers

You probably already know that your POS system does a great job tracking your inventory, and monitoring sales. Take that inventory and use it to improve customer loyalty.For example, take a look at what your most loyal customers are buying, mark that information in their profile. So for example, a customer purchases a certain brand name. Next time they come in the store, reference what they frequently purchase and ask if they’d like to make a purchase of that same brand name for a discount.

5. Pay Attention To Not-So-Loyal Customers

Customers come and go. Some go for a while. It’s not always something you’ve done. To try to get these customers back in the store, try sending a customer appreciation or “We Miss You” email or card with a discount code. Make sure to have an expiration date to create a sense of urgency.

6. Reward Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.

Customers appreciate an acknowledgement of their special day. (Make sure you ask these questions when signing them up for your loyalty/reward program. Your POS will store the data till it’s needed.) This can come in the form of discounts, swag, or freebies with a purchase.

7. Free Gifts

Need to move excess inventory? Use your POS to find out what needs to be repurposed and moved out. Then delight your customers with little freebies when they spend over a certain amount.

8. Customer Appreciation Day Sale

Sales bring in customers. A customer appreciation day sale will bring in your current customers. Incentivize them to bring a friend for a bonus gift via email or text. Be sure to thank them for their loyalty through the years.

Customer appreciation is key when running a business, because without customers, you have no business. Don’t forget to utilize your POS when setting up your customer appreciation strategy. Give Bepoz a call for a free POS demo.