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29 Apr

RV Park Inventory Management – Campground POS

Proper inventory tracking is necessary for maximizing profits regardless of the type of business you own. Campgrounds and RV parks need inventory management to ensure they are making the most of their sales. Watch the video below as we talk about how Bepoz’s point of sale system works as an RV park management software. 

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22 Apr

Campground POS For RV Parks With Multiple Locations And Multiple Outlets

Campgrounds and RV parks often have multiple revenue centers. Owners of these campgrounds may even have several different locations with a variety of areas that bring in revenue. Watch the video below as we detail the areas in which campgrounds and RV parks can use Bepoz’s campground POS for RV parks with multiple locations to

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15 Apr

Campground POS – RV Park Retail Management System

Campgrounds often offer stores that sell everything from souvenirs to basic necessities. How do you manage those sales? Watch the video below where you will learn more about working with a campground POS – RV park retail management system.  Campground POS – RV Park Retail Management System: What is a Retail Management System? The

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Campground POS for RV Park Restaurants, Bar, and Foodservice

Many campgrounds and RV parks have food service establishments. It can be difficult to manage all areas of campground foodservice without the appropriate point of sale service in place. Watch the video below as we talk about how Bepoz’s campground pos for RV park restaurants.  Campground POS for RV Park Restaurants: Different Types of

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Camp Ground POS for RV Park Restaurants, Bar & Foodservice
08 Apr
01 Apr

Campground and RV Park PMS (Property Management System)

Campgrounds and RV parks that use property management systems to take reservations can utilize a whole new way for customers to pay for foods and services. Watch the video below of how a campground and RV park PMS integrates with Bepoz point of sale systems to increase sales and customer satisfaction.  Campground and RV

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