Senior Living Key Fob, Key Card, RFID Integration

Senior living centers often use key fobs and key cards when paying for meals and other small items. This simple way of managing payment is easily integrated into the Bepoz point of sale system. In the video below, watch how Bepoz’s senior living POS system uses RFID integration to make senior dining as easy as possible.

Using Key Fobs for Senior Dining

A senior living key fob is a convenient way to track meal plans or deduct money from pre-funded accounts. A senior living key card works in much the same way. Both are used with a point of sale system to pull resident meal plans and account balances. Residents can use these key cards any time they make their purchases.

No Changes Necessary

Bepoz has a goal to lower the amount of work you need to put into ensuring your senior living center dining options are accurate and cost-effective. One of the many ways we save you time and money is by using your existing key fobs. In almost every instance, the key card already used by your resident is compatible with the senior living POS system. You don’t have to spend time, money, and frustration creating new cards for every resident.

Sufficient Self Service

The Bepoz senior living POS works in physical stations as well. In dining areas with bistros or other sit-down services, the server can provide the resident with a tablet. The customer then uses a tap-and-go card to pull up their own information, offer tips (if applicable) and ensure everything is correct. Bepoz works with most tap-and-go providers if this is the type of service you prefer.

Are you eager to know more about how RFID integration works with your senior living POS? Do you use key cards or key fobs for your senior living center and want a service that will work with what you already know and love? Are you hoping to add this convenience to make meal plans easier for your residents? If you answered yes to any of these questions, call Bepoz Senior Living Point of Sale today. We are eager to talk to you about all of your senior living key fob, key card, and RFID integration questions.


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz senior living point of sale systems. In this video, we want to talk about key fobs or key cards, and can they be used with your point of sale system? In order to pull up your residents’ meal plans or account balances, and the answer is yes, of course.

So if your residents have existing key fobs or key cards, we almost always can use those. We have readers that will read those cards, and input those cards into our system to be able to pull up those resident accounts in order to then redeem their meals or their account balances, or whatever kind of meal operation that they have. In other videos, you can see how our meal plans work. 

In physical static stations, let’s say a bistro where you’re standing in front of the customer, we have a reader that faces the customer so the customer can tap the reader themselves and it will pull up their account automatically for them. And these are typically RFID readers. It could be HID, a couple of different technologies for these. But tap and go cards, if you want to consider it that way, right?

If you have a tablet and you’re walking around with the tablet, we have a little bit more limited option on which cards we can read. We still can read most cards, just that when we have the physical station, we’ve never encountered a card we could not read. With tablets, we have a few less options.

But we would love to talk to you about how we can help you with your senior living facility and integrate point of sale, and meal plans, and key fobs, and everything else that you. If you would like to talk to us about this, you can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.