Senior Living POS for Tableside Ordering With Tablets

Senior living environments have a lot to track when it comes to dining. Watch the video below as we unpack using a senior living pos tableside ordering tablet to allow guests to take advantage of digital menu ordering.

Dining is one of the primary concerns of senior living. Residents need meals and snacks multiple times per day, which can be difficult to maneuver without an excellent system in place. Using a digital menu ordering system like a tablet that works in conjunction with a senior living POS simplifies and streamlines every meal.

Senior Living POS Tableside Ordering Tablets

The easiest way to manage restaurant dining in a senior living facility is with a POS that is built precisely for that purpose. Servers carry tablets with them to the tables, which are then used to place orders. Senior living food orders go directly to the kitchen so there is no delay. As soon as the order is placed, it is received by the kitchen. The POS for tableside ordering cuts back on the number of errors that might be leading to costly problems in your dining areas.

Easy Payment Solutions

One of the best features of using a tablet is how easy it is to take payments. The server can look up the resident by their last name, room number, or phone number. The meal can then be charged to whatever type of meal plan your facility uses. The Bepoz senior living POS has options for chargeable accounts, plans that allow for a certain number of meals, plans that are cash-based, or some combination of any of those.

Bepoz Tablet Options

Bepoz offers either large or small senior living tablets for use with tableside ordering. The smaller option is generally preferred by servers because it is lighter and easier to carry. Both tablets offer the same convenience, hand-holding straps, and accessories. The accessories include extra batteries, holsters, and aprons for carrying the tablet.

Are you ready to learn more about the Bepoz POS for tablets in senior living facilities? Give us a call today! We are eager to talk to you about our senior living POS and all of the features we offer.


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale for senior living, and in this video, we want to talk about tableside ordering with tablets.

For tablets, Bepoz has two different tablet options. Most of our customers prefer a smaller tablet like this because it’s a little bit lighter and easier to carry around. But both tablets have straps, so it’s not going anywhere. It also comes with accessories like extra batteries, holsters, or other aprons that you could put them in to hold them while you’re not taking orders.

Now when you take the order, you could then be able to look up the resident by typing in part of their name and search for them, or look up part of their room number or part of their phone number and find the resident, and then charge to their meal plan.

Again, as we have said in other videos, meal plans have various options of a number of meals, or a number of dollars, or the ability to charge to their account that gets charged to them at the end of the month. 

But all of those could be done and sent right to the kitchen printer or kitchen display right from the table. Tablets will allow your server to stay out at the table and give better service. So they’ll be out with the residents more if they have to go to some fixed point of sale station in order to take orders.

If you would like to talk to us about your point of sales needs for your senior living center, you can either call us at the number that’s at the top of your page or click the link below.