Upselling With Digital Menus

According to the National Restaurant Association, more than four out of 10 consumers have recently used a computer or tablet device to read a restaurant menu, make reservations or order food. You can leverage such increasing shifts toward digital dining by using digital menus to efficiently showcase the dishes you want to sell the most of to boost your bottom line. Here are a few simple ways that digital menus can enhance the efficacy of your restaurant’s existing “suggestive selling” tactics.

Show, don’t tell:

Telling customers about daily specials and highlighting the quality ingredients and special preparations that go into each can sway customers into considering drinks, appetizers, small plates and features they may not otherwise consider. But when it comes to food, a mouth-watering visual really can be worth a thousand words. When you present customers with digital menus by way of a tablet device like the HP Elitepad, that seamlessly works in tandem with Bepoz Point of Sale software, you can snap and upload pictures of your featured items to be visually showcased as part of your digital menu.

Eliminate human error:

Even the most conscientious server can forget to upsell items, particularly when the restaurant is crowded, or when customers are simply in too big of a rush to hear about the specials. With the “Jobs” tool in Bepoz Point of Sale software, you can automatically schedule pricing promotions, discounts and even “limited time” promotions for certain items you want to upsell on the digital menu. This makes sure every customer is aware of the opportunity to take advantage of your featured items, before they decide to order. You can also select when you want the price to “reset,” to ensure that pricing is accurate — even for limited time offers — without placing the burden on your wait staff.

Provide persuasive detail:

The limited space and restrictions associated with a hard copy menu make it tough to guide the customers’ eyes toward the items you want them to notice — especially when what you wish to upsell changes often. Digital menus can guide customers through a complete and satisfying dining experience as they review what to order, showing what types of drinks pair well with certain salads, main dishes and appetizers, and allowing them to read more or less detail about a given item. Additionally, digital menus allow you to present the pertinent details about certain dishes that could impact the customer’s purchase decision, including figures regarding nutritional and calorie content and “sourcing details,” including which ingredients are organic, supplied by local vendors or in short supply.