Hotel Online Ordering POS

Ordering online is an easy, convenient way for guests to place orders for room service. Using a reliable hotel online ordering POS is a great way to improve your room service management process. Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of online ordering POS systems.

It’s not a secret that people love to shop online. The high prevalence of online shopping spills over into all areas of our lives. People love the convenience of quickly placing an online order whether they are buying birthday presents or stocks. That is also true when ordering room service.

Hotel Online Ordering POS Systems

Setting up an online ordering system is simple. It’s even easier when you use a hotel POS system like Bepoz. With Bepoz, you can take orders online just as easily as phone and in-person orders. Bepoz allows customers to order ahead of time for orders to be picked up or delivered to the room later. Orders can be paid for online or billed to the customer’s room.

Room Service Management

The Bepoz Point of Sale System functions as a full-service room service POS tool. Hotels can create online and offline menus using Bepoz. QR codes make online menus easier than ever. Hotels can also track all supplies and inventory using the Bepoz system. Customers use Bepoz to order and pay even if they have discounts or need to bill to their rooms. In addition, Bepoz integrates with many hotel and room service management systems. If you already have a management system you love, you can add Bepoz to make it an even better tool!

More Than Room Service

Hotel clients are looking for more services than ever. You can add online ordering to many areas of your hotel as you upgrade technology. Guests might order laundry services, ask for room amenities, place orders through boutiques, or request concierge services. Bepoz’s hotel online ordering POS can help improve your room service management systems.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tim with Bepoz hotel point of sale systems. And in this video, we’d like to talk about how online ordering could be used within your hotel.

Now, the most obvious way that online ordering could be used within your hotel would be for room service. So, and this could be done in various ways, but one idea of a way that this could be done is you could place a QR code within the hotel room that the person could scan on their phone, and that QR code would represent their room number to the Bepoz system.

So when they make that online order, it would come to Bepoz already with the room number, they don’t even have to enter their room number. And then when the order comes through to Bepoz, that order could then be closed out to their room folio in the property management system.

So there are many ways that this could be done with the online ordering. This also could be done where the person could order ahead. So you could allow them to order breakfast for tomorrow morning for instance, or three days from now if you want to allow them to order further in the future. So they can order ahead, I want to order my breakfast for the morning, and have it automatically print on the kitchen printers or the kitchen display screens, and have that automatically print in advance so that we have enough time to make the food and get it to their room in a timely fashion according to the timeframe that they put in on their order.

Now, this also could be done to allow pickup orders. So let’s say you do room charges and room charges, and room service has an additional charge, but pickup orders don’t. So they could order that same food in a pickup fashion where they go down to the restaurant and pick it up. And you could also do it within a dining facility.

Let’s say you have a fast-casual restaurant of some sort within your hotel or resort. And you could put QR codes on the table, and then the guests could scan the QR code on the table, and then that would send through the order to the kitchen display or kitchen printer along with the table number automatically entered so that whoever runs out the food knows what table to bring that food to.

So there’s many different ways that this could be used and we would love to talk to you about this. If you’re looking for online ordering for your hotel and integrating with your point of sale system, we would love to talk to you about that. You can either call the number at the top of your page or click the link below.