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Gift Card Program Basics and Features Every Business Needs

The gift card industry is projected to increase to more than $400 billion in 2019, with a 10% average annual growth rate. That means by 2025 the gift card industry will surpass $700 billion. As a business owner, this may be something you want to keep an eye on. If you haven’t, already, you may

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Retail Shopping
20 Feb

8 Common Retail Pricing Strategies Every Business Should Consider

Business owners face a number of important decisions, one of them being pricing. A great pricing strategy helps you determine the price point where you can maximize profits. When setting retail prices, consider production and distribution costs, competition costs, positioning strategies and the ideal customer or current customer base. It’s a lot to think about

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Retail Store
13 Feb

10 of the Easiest Ways To Stop Shoplifters

According to the latest National Retail Federation survey, American retailers lose almost $50 billion annually to theft. Shoplifting accounts for 36.5%, or most of those losses. If you understand the factors that lead to the shoplifting epidemic, it will help you determine effective measures, recognize points of intervention, understand seasonal patterns, and select an appropriate set of

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5 Ways Your POS Can Help Stop Employee Retail Theft
06 Feb