Monthly Archives: February 2014

26 Feb

How Bepoz POS Software Aids in Business Management

Point of sale software from Bepoz helps companies take their business management to the next level. Like any point of sale software, it helps companies conduct their business while keeping their inventory in check and accounts balanced. This software, however, goes the extra mile and helps business of all sizes manage their accounting, reports, pricing

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19 Feb

How the Right POS System Can Increase Efficiency of your Bar

Running a bar can be a difficult but lucrative business. Every night, you have clientele quickly coming and going while buying drinks and food from different bartenders or waiters. Keeping track of all their purchases, maintaining open tabs, and tracking specials and promotions, all while making a profit, can be overwhelming. In addition, over pouring

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05 Feb

The Benefits of Bepoz Point of Sale Software

If your commercial operation involves initiating transactions to exchange payment for goods sold, a Point of Sales (POS) system is a must. What is even more important is that the system you implement to perform these tasks is capable of doing its job on a consistent basis, the success and reputation of your business requires

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