Mobile POS Solutions For Any Business Type and Size

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile point-of-sale (POS) system is—it’s mobile. Today, it’s become one of the key revenue boosters for restaurant and retail businesses. It doesn’t just mean that you can conduct sales anywhere in the store, but anywhere you can connect to Wifi. Even more than increasing sales anywhere, a mobile POS helps with customer experience, employee morale, and more.

Restaurant Applications

Take for example, tableside ordering. A server walks up to a table with their mobile POS. They take the order immediately. There is less human error, and faster service time. That means satisfied customers and servers with higher tips. Bigger tips equal higher morale.

For ultimate inventory control, try Bepoz’s SmartPDE. It’s an extremely durable handheld POS with a wireless, real-time network. It’s often used to enter stock take, scan in stock transfers and receive inbound inventory, just to name a few benefits.

Consider these other applications as well:

  • Quick Service and Drive Thru Service Line Busting
  • Purchase Order Creation
  • Requisition from Head Office Warehouse

 Retail Application

Ever walk into a store and see the lines before you even start shopping and think, “I’m not waiting in that line!” Chances are your customers have thought the same thing when they’ve walked into your retail store and saw long lines. They may have turned around and walked right out, which means a loss of potential sales for you.

Arm employees with a mobile POS for line busting. Employees have all inventory, and product information at their fingertips to provide great customer service. Then they can close the sale right on the floor. Talk about a happy customer that doesn’t even have to wait in line. It’s all taken care of with a few clicks of a button.

Get to know your most loyal customers, and reward them with your built-in customer loyalty program. Capture customers’ details on the spot, right on your mobile POS.

Consider these other applications as well:

  • Creating Orders on the Floor
  • Inventory Counts
  • Purchase Order Creation
  • Receiving Inventory
  • Store to Store Transfers

Which applications fits your business? Bepoz’s mobile POS solutions can fit into both small and big businesses. Let us meet your needs today. Call for a demo.