It’s Easy To Control Your Inventory With A POS

Inventory control should be at the top of the list when it comes to managing restaurants and retail stores. Unfortunately, many operators do not maximize the potential of their point-of-sale (POS) systems when it comes to inventory management. Here are some ways to do that in both restaurants and retail stores.

Right Ingredients/Products & Right Quantities

Give your top selling merchandise the proper floor space, and make sure you never run out of ingredients for your best dish. A POS system can help you see what’s selling and what’s not. Your POS will help you determine what to buy more of and what to never buy again. Bepoz’s software can tell you what exactly you have on your shelves at all times, and it can help you make decisions based on current sales and trends. By running a report, you can make cost effective ordering decisions. You can even setup rules for reorder points and replenish levels.

Manage Shrinkage

Your POS not only helps manage shrinkage, but it can help prevent it. Since many businesses do not have proper inventory checks and balances, owners are not always noticeably aware of missing items. If food or merchandise is stolen, a POS system can tell you. Employees that know there is accountability with inventory are less likely to steal. There’s also less human error, when humans don’t have to keep track. Let your POS track the inventory and purchase orders.

Maintaining Accuracy and Improving Efficiency

Stop manually checking your fridge and shelves. There is no need to walk the aisles in your store or scour your dry food storage room. Check you POS from any device that has internet access.

When a shipment comes in, check in the goods with your Bepoz SmartPDE. It’s a real-time device with a wireless network and built-in scanner. The handheld device is often used to:

  • Scan in stock transfers
  • Enter purchase orders
  • Scan and receive inbound inventory
  • Assign products a barcode when they are not already in the system

It’s easy to see that inventory management is key to any retail or restaurant business. Make sure to maximize your POS software’s potential, or give Bepoz a call for more information about inventory control.