Limitless Options With A Bepoz POS

The sky is the limit when it comes to options with a Bepoz point-of-sale (POS) system. It truly is the competitive advantage that every business needs. When you implement a Bepoz POS, you basically hire a team. This team watches your data and employee security, system redundancies, temporary and permanent offline modes, and more. The options with our software are seemingly endless. Check a sampling of them out below.

Multiple Platforms

What are you interested in—public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud? We can help you choose what fits your business the best.

Sales Tracking

Easily track your inventory by setting alerts so you know when certain products are getting low. You can even set them to re-order when a certain threshold is met. Find your ROI by viewing sales audits and reports. You can even customize your reports by setting up formulas on fields. There are many more options for you to investigate within the sales tracking area.


Bepoz has one of the most advanced POS reporting systems on the market. Tie together all the features by creating a business workflow; schedule to receive your reports daily, weekly, and/or monthly; access your reports from any terminal or online from any device; and utilize the intelligent analysis to make cost effective decisions.

Business Management Software

Bepoz’s Business Management Software is for small businesses with one location or large businesses with 10,000 plus locations. There is power at your fingertips with a back office, smart till, SmartPAD, SmartTAB, Smart PDE, Customer Inquiry Terminal, Door Entry Terminal, just to name a few.


Keep your money and data safe. Bepoz POS software includes cash accounting and securing systems, integration with security camera integration, audit logs, manager alerts, blind drops, and more.

As you might be able to tell there are quite a few options. We can’t list them all here, but we can help you determine what would be best for your business. Give us a call to set up a demo today.