“Must Have” POS Add-Ons and Integrations

One of the biggest challenges to a smooth point-of-sale (POS) add-on or integration is connecting disparate systems. It can take time and financial investment to make sure the systems can “talk to one another.” However, Bepoz can make this easy for business owners because we offer many add-ons and integrations already. Let’s take a look at a few “must haves.”


What kind of accounting system are you using? Bepoz can integrate with just about any system with links to QuickBooks, Xero, Atteche, MYOB, Adept, etc. Don’t see your system listed? That’s OK, we can create a link to your accounting system and import data.

Stock Control & SmartPDE

It’s easy to use your POS station, handheld or back office to manage your inventory. Here are a few other features.

  • Create rules for certain thresholds so you can automatically reorder when quantities get low.
  • Set up partial counts without interrupting sales or accuracy reporting.
  • Track waste.
  • Handle case and multiple unit breaks.
  • Utilize FIFO (First-In-First-Out) or average costing.

Property Management Systems

Guests will rave about your customer service when they see how easy it is to make purchases anywhere on your property. Simply add in their room number, and tender the sale. Bepoz can connect to many popular management systems like Fidelio.

Gaming and Casino Systems

When patrons come to your casino, make gaming easy and winning fun. Use this integration to link to your gaming systems so players can pool their bonus points. Now players will always know their earnings.

Control Liquor Pours

Make sure your sales are lining up with your dispensed pours. Utilizing Bepoz’s liquor dispensing systems for beer, wine or liquor will decrease employee theft and help you keep track of your inventory. No more extra pours for your bartender’s friends, and you’ll always know what you have in stock.

Don’t see the add-on or integration you’re looking for? Give us a call. We can answer any questions and provide a short demo.