How Restaurant Automation Works With Your POS

Automation is all around us. From automated bank tellers to automated grocery store checkouts, more and more industries are looking to automation as a cost effective, more convenient, and easier way to do business. Restaurants are no exception.

First, what is automation? Through Bepoz, it’s an internal point-of-sale (POS) automation system that performs daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. Let’s look at some ways to use your POS system to automate your restaurant.

Daily Back-up

Schedule your POS to back-up data daily through local removable media or the web. The job is done automatically and it records the execution of the job so you can check on it through your computer system.


Email any report to anyone on a scheduled time interval. Perhaps, you want daily sales reports and # of entrees sold sent to you every day after your restaurant closes. Keep track of what’s going on even when you’re not there.

Export Files

Export files to a third party system (for instance an accounting or ERP systems) to be used for a custom interface.


Consider sending emails to certain loyal customers. For example, after a certain amount of time lapses after a visit, email a voucher for a free appetizer to incentivize your patron to come back again. Setting this on automation, is helpful for you because you don’t have to keep track of lists or set time aside each day to check the list, and send the email. It’s all done automatically for you. Also, let Bepoz’ automated POS elevate loyal customers from one level to the next.


Send an alert to a manager when your labor costs get too high, or when there is too much money in the cash drawer. Even notify your IT team when a computer is disconnected. There are many types of alerts that you can set.

As a restaurant owner or manager, remember to stay up-to-date on the evolving world of automated technology as you continue to investigate new ways to advance and grow your business. Call Bepoz to learn more about point-of-sale software.