Customer Loyalty Programs For Liquor Stores

Loyalty programs are a cornerstone of the retail industry. They provide opportunities for customers to save money while retailers ensure repeat business. Although some states do not allow loyalty programs for liquor, if your state does, Bepoz can help you. Watch the video below for details about our POS’s liquor store customer loyalty program. 

Liquor Store Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs for liquor stores do exactly what they say: They build loyalty. A liquor store with a loyalty program provides benefits for those who shop. A customer can choose any liquor store, but they will choose yours if you have the right plan. Bepoz will help you build and implement the plan that works for you.

Customer programs don’t have to be tied to just one store. Bepoz point of sale systems can set up your program to allow customers to earn points as long as they shop at any of your multi-store locations. You can even set up your rewards system for online purchases if you have a retail presence on the web.

Tiered Plans

One way to encourage customers to spend is with a tiered loyalty program. Tiered loyalty plans are even more powerful than standard loyalty plans. These offers, often represented by tiered bronze, silver, and gold plans, reward those customers who spend more, more often. A customer might start with a bronze tier, which gives them the smallest amount of benefits. They then grow until they reach the top tier, which might include regular coupons, giveaways, vouchers, or even special events just for top-tier customers.

Points Redemption Plans

Some loyalty programs use points that can be redeemed at the customer’s leisure. You can decide how you want those points to be earned and spent. You might allow points redemption to offer a discount. You may even have special items that are only available to those earning points; they get access to a discounted item once you’re on the loyalty program. You could also use points redemption for freebies, store-branded merchandise, or liquor tastings. Bepoz can handle all of this and more.

Are you ready to learn more about loyalty programs for your liquor store? Bepoz Point of Sale Systems for Liquor Stores is waiting for your call and eager to tell you more.


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz’s point of sale systems for liquor stores, and in this video, we’re going to talk about loyalty or rewards for your customers. 

One important note about loyalty and rewards because some people haven’t used those plans before, when you study statistics on loyalty and rewards programs, they actually do generate loyal customers and do incentivize additional business, and it’s important to note that you can google statistics on that. You will find that confirmed that loyalty and reward trends will build your business. It’s not just giving away things for free. The stuff you’re giving away is going to increase your business. n

Now Bepoz has many different ways of doing loyalty and rewards and there are lots of topics that we could talk about here. This is going to be a brief overview. We could talk about this topic for over an hour and we’re going to talk about it for just a couple of minutes just to give a brief overview.

But you could have a plan in many different fashions. It could be points that you’re giving to your customers and then they’re redeeming those points for a certain number of dollars. Those essentially turn out to be a discount, right? 

So that discount could be any percentage that you want it to be and you could do tiers, like let’s say a bronze, silver, and gold plan, and at each level, their discount level becomes a different percentage. So you spend a hundred dollars and you get a hundred points and you redeem those points at, let’s say what would be equivalent to a five percent discount or less whatever you want it to be, one percent or a half a percent, I don’t know. So however you like that to be, it could be done and the dollar amounts on these are always decided by you. You spend five hundred dollars and we give you a ten-dollar gift certificate. That could be an option. 

Now the rules pertaining to how this is done in every state with some of the liquor boards, you can’t do some of these things. We’ll help you with navigation or you’ll tell us how the rules in your state apply and will help navigate around, you know, making sure that we keep you compliant.

But if you also could give away a coupon or a voucher, or you could have a free item when you reach a certain level, and we could also do as you probably have seen in grocery stores where particular items are discounted once you get on loyalty plans so you get on the loyalty plan and now you get x percent off of beer or x percent off of these products, or we can do buy one get one half off or whatever plan that you want to come up with. 

But we can specifically target loyalty customers in order to do that. Why would you want to target specifically loyalty customers and give them specific discounts? Because when you get their loyalty information, the goal in many cases is that you get a cell phone number or an email, and when you get that cell phone number and email, we can then market to them on the backside. So now I can send them text messages or emails and have them give them promotions, tell them to come back in, find out when they’ve stopped coming back, and then send them a bounce-back coupon that gets them back in the store.

It could be all sorts of different ways to use that information to help you build your business. So lots of different options on this one. An important feature that is very handy is that you can actually use a special barcode scanner to scan their driver’s license as their loyalty card, now there’s many different ways to get their loyalty information in your system. 

We have website widgets and other options, but one cool way is that we could actually scan their driver’s license and their driver’s license now is age verification, but also could be their loyalty card for their account. So that could be another really handy way because everybody always has their driver’s license with them and you need to age verify anyway in many states. So you could use that driver’s license as their loyalty card.

So this is just scratching the surface of options. There are way more options that we could possibly talk about here. If you’ve got other options that you’d like to talk about or if you’d like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help your liquor store and help you generate more business through loyalty or rewards plans, we’d love to talk. You can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click on the link below.