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An Email and SMS Strategy For Your Restaurant

How are you communicating with your customers? Is it just when they are in your restaurant? We hope not. These days restaurants are using multiple creative strategies to increase touch points whether it’s through advertisements, social media platforms, events, promotions, and emails and SMS/texts. Communicating with customers is key for increasing brand awareness and bringing

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Mobile POS System
26 Jul

How Your Retail Shop Can Benefit From Vouchers

Most shoppers are interested in saving money. That’s why vouchers have gained popularity in retail around the world. A voucher is a redeemable transaction type that has a certain monetary value. It can only be spent on specific goods or for specific reasons in retail shops or online. They help retailers reach more consumers, motivate

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Paint Store Point of Sale Systems
19 Jul

How to Boost Sales With Your POS During A Slow Season

Every retail business has an ebb and flow of traffic. That means there are slow times, and busy times. Slow times can be a drag, but they don’t have to be. Let your point-of-sale (POS) system help the time fly by being productive. You never know, what you think might be your slowest season, may

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Retail Store POS System
12 Jul

5 Ways Your POS Can Help Stop Employee Retail Theft

Theft can be a real problem in retail. Did you know that your employees are more likely to steal from you than your customers? That’s according to research from Statistic Brain Research Institute in April of 2017. Take a look at what else they discovered. Employees steal 50 billion annually from U.S. businesses. 75% of

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5 Ways Your POS Can Help Stop Employee Retail Theft
05 Jul