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Key Features of a Hotel POS

The hotel industry thrives on customer service. Under-promise and over-deliver should be the mantra for every successful hotelier. Why not let your Point-of-Sale (POS) System help bring superior service to your patrons. It can easily customize and enhance the customer relationship at the point-of-sale, take orders, enter special requests, set prompts for specials and combos,

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Highway POS System
27 Jul

Let Your POS Be the Strategist

No doubt, your point-of-sale (POS) system is powerful, but do you really know all that it does? Not only is it your cash register, inventory control, anti-theft protection (just to name a few), it’s also your strategist. Here are a few simple strategies that you can try out with your POS system. Generate a Sales

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Desktop Printer
22 Jul

Let Your POS Help with Your Omni-Channel Strategy

Shopping online at a well-designed web store can consist of a personal greeting message, personal product recommendations, product info, videos, cross-selling offers, delivery times, stock information, and even a coupon for your next order. Shopping at the same online store’s brick and mortar can sometimes be a totally different shopping experience. In most cases, the

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Clothing Store Inventory POS
13 Jul

The Secret to Running the Best Boutique Shop in Town

  Customer service is king, or should we say “queen,” when it comes to the boutique market. While the products are typically unique, stylish, and pricey, it can take more of a personal sales touch to make a sale, and bring the customer back again. Your point-of-sale (POS) system is not just a cash register,

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06 Jul