Track Your Employees With Your POS System

Do you know what your employees are doing? You know their job duties and work schedules, but do you know their productivity levels? Your point-of-sale (POS) system can answer this question. That’s because it does more than just monitor employee clock in’s and out’s. It can also help evaluate performance, incentivize employees, determine shift allocation, and prevent theft. Let’s take a deeper look.

Productivity – Bepoz’s POS software can track employee’s daily, weekly, or monthly sales. This is useful because you want to know who your best sales clerks are, and what they are selling. Once you know what they are selling, you can guide them to continue to sell more, or direct them to sell less and more of something else.

These powerful metrics will allow you to reward high performers. You can approach underperformers with concrete metrics, and give them a chance to work on stepping up their game. Then when it comes time for reviews, you can rely on measurable aspects of employee’s performances when determining salary increases.

Incentives – Utilize your POS system to incentivize your sales force. You can create commission structures that are based off benchmarks that you’ve kept track of. For example, Sally sold 500 products last month, now she’s tasked with selling 550 and receiving a cut of the increase.

Why not try an employee contest? For example, ask employees to sell gift cards to see how many they can sell in a week. The winner would receive some sort of reward. This can really help to increase sales, boost morale, and bring fun to the workday.

Shift Allocation – It can be easy to use your ‘gut’ instincts as to who should work when. However, your POS software can provide data to help you determine what shift your best sellers should work.

Theft Prevention – Bepoz’s POS software has several features designed to monitor employees, and ensure that your business doesn’t become the victim of fraud or leakage.

First, you can track and limit POS access. To control and keep tabs on who logs into your POS system and when, consider issuing magnetic stripe cards employees must successfully swipe through a magnetic stripe reader before they gain access to it. Biometric technology—specifically, fingerprint readers—can be used for the same purpose. Second, allow staff to access only the information they need to do their job, and to perform only those tasks they are authorized to complete. Program your POS software to control what each employee can or cannot see and do. Lastly, integrate your video surveillance with you POS software. This can help you pin point which employee is responsible for theft.

Employee reports can help you keep track of what your employees are doing, or not doing. Tracking productivity, providing incentives, allocating shifts to the right employees, and preventing theft can all be done though a POS system. Call Bepoz today for help you choose the right system that is best for your business.