The Puurrfect Features For Any Pet Store POS

Running a pet store can be demanding, with so much to take care of, from that cute litter of kittens to the entire store’s inventory. While a point-of-sale (POS) system can’t physically feed the animals at your store, it can help with your bottom line. Doesn’t that sound puurrfect? Here are a few features to be a ware of when shopping for a pet store POS system.

Inventory Management

Counting how many dog bones you have on stock can be cumbersome and a time-waster, but with a POS system, you know exactly how many you have. A quality POS system can automatically update your stock and sales data, and allow you to access real-time stock reports. Plus, set up an alert to let you know when you get low on items like dog food. Better yet, low inventory alerts can be set to automatically re-order with your pet suppliers. That way Fido will never go hungry.


Check out customers anywhere in the store. It’s nice to meet customers in the aisles and ring them up, especially if they’re purchasing a big item – like a cage or dog house. Nobody wants to drag that through the store and wait in line. Having the capability to be mobile allows for so many other benefits too, one being great customer service. Staff members have all the store’s info in their hand. Need to know more about a particular brand of dog shampoo? No problem. Find it with a click of a button. What about checking inventory? Again, not a problem. Check on your mobile POS. It also helps with keeping lines at the register low. Plus, giving your friendly staff the ability to interact with customers provides a great personal experience.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Collect customer info so you can keep track of your customer’s shopping habits. A name and email will work just fine. A POS like Bepoz’s can create customizable data reports that allow you to filter by top selling products, most profitable products, frequent buyers, top paying buyers. Then utilize your loyalty program so you can reward your buyers with in-store credit, create sales on popular items, produce custom gift and/or loyalty cards, and generate loyal relationships with satisfied customers.

Analytics and Data Reporting

It’s good to know your stats. What is selling? Are those cat outfits a hot item? What should you not order again? Who are you top salesmen? What are you peak selling seasons, times, days in the week, etc.? A quality POS can pull data, and even help you analyze it. By knowing your data, you can make smart buying decisions, as well as successful promotional campaigns.

Looking for these features in your pet POS software will keep your business on the growth track. If you have questions, give Bepoz a call for a demo.