Must-Have Features in a Restaurant POS System

Whether you’re in the quick service or fine dining business, there are a few things that every restaurateur should look for when shopping for a point-of-sale (POS) system. Because let’s face it, not all restaurant POS software is created equal, and it’s not a one-size fit’s all solution. Below are some of the must-have features for any restaurant.

You Must Have Speed

No matter how good the food is customer service counts too. If you have one without the other, chances are your patrons will be disappointed. That’s why you have to remember that the clock starts as soon as the customer sits down. You’ll want to make sure your process is fast with a seamless flow from one workstation to another. That means server communication with the kitchen is key. The better they communicate, the faster they work, the quicker you can turn a table, and in end increase your profitability.

It Must Be Easy To Use

This is important. You’re making quick decisions all day. You need your POS software to be just as quick in updating. Make sure it can update any changes without a system restart.

Also, consider menu configurations. Can you easily create menu items in a matter of seconds? How are modifiers and choices handled? Can a server type in special orders easily?

Lastly, how easy is it to create discounts, like daily happy hour specials? You want to make sure your POS is keeping up with the fast life of a restaurant with ease.

It Must Have A Customer Database

Building a customer database with loyal patrons can really make or break your business. You’ll want to make sure there’s a loyalty system where you can keep track of customer’s purchases. That way you can send personalized emails to loyal customers for special promotions. Communicate to your customers in real time with your POS whether it’s via email or through social media outlets.

It Must Keep Track of Inventory

Look for a restaurant POS system that can manage inventory, like keeping track of every ingredient and item sold. It can seem tedious or over-the-top to keep track, but in the end it’s your key to long-term success in waste management, as well as helping you with re-ordering.

It Must Report Data

It’s imperative that you have access to your data for measuring success and helping you forecast. What menu items sell the best? Your POS can tell you so you can keep re-ordering the ingredients. Perhaps, using your best-selling item becomes part of promotion to bring in more patrons. You will never know that without real data. Sure you can guess, but facts are facts. Let your POS figure it out. Also, When are your peak service times? That way you can staff properly. Pull up Sales by item, hour, etc., food costs, labor costs, and how many new customers have come through the door at any given time.

In the end, you want a quality POS system that fits the needs of your restaurant. Take the time to consider your must-haves, and then give Bepoz a call for a demonstration.