19 May

Cost Advantages for Start Ups

There’s some truth to the adage that you must “spend money to make money” when you’re starting a new business, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it a top priority to keep your start-up costs low, and cash flow available. Here’s how Bepoz Point of Sale software can equip you to build your business — without requiring you to take on unnecessary expenses.Make money while spending very little: Securing insurance, making preparations for your physical space or storefront, and developing signage are just a few of the unavoidable costs starting a business presents, but none of them directly contribute to your potential revenue. Bepoz POS gives you the competitive advantage of running a highly optimized, lean business model from the moment you open your doors, including managing accounting functions, running sales reports, tracking inventory and accepting credit cards — which consumer behavior studies indicate tend to lead to more impulse buys and lower price sensitivity.Don’t commit to business needs you’re not sure you’ll have: Unlike many POS providers that require you pay for hardware and make a long-term commitment before you know what features your business or customers will need, Bepoz is a monthly service (SAAS) with a low monthly fee. Should your business evolve to include additional locations and/or you find that you need more capabilities in a POS, it’s an easy upgrade to multiple locations.Get more for your marketing dollars: Any successful business must invest in marketing to promote the business and keep current customers coming back. Bepoz POS helps companies invest their marketing dollars in order to build relationships with customers through things like loyalty programs and email marketing. It’s much more expensive to bring in a new customer than it is to keep a current one and Bepoz software helps you do just that.Gain peace of mind: There are so many unknowns to starting a business, and the security of your payment systems or the cost of a disruption in service shouldn’t be among them. In addition to offering 24/7 support, Bepoz has been in business for more than three decades; we’re well versed in how to seamlessly respond to changes in PCI credit card processing and tax policies. When they happen, Bepoz updates your subscription with no cost or involvement required on your part.

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