Monthly Archives: June 2022

24 Jun

Liquor Store Promotions And Discounts

Liquor stores keep customers returning by offering regular promotions and discounts. Watch the video below as we cover how Bepoz’s Point of Sale System provides valuable assistance in managing these special offers.  Liquor Store Promotions Promotions are a valuable part of any business. Special sales, two-for-one offers, BOGO deals and giveaways are some of

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17 Jun

Liquor Store Employee Permissions

Liquor stores don’t run themselves. You need reliable employees who you can depend on. You also need a point of sale system that helps you provide permissions for these employees. Watch the video below on permissions that Bepoz can offer.  Liquor Store Employee Permissions You have multiple employees with different responsibilities. A cashier on

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10 Jun

Liquor Store Theft Prevention – Security & Cash Controls

Liquor store owners must consider the possibility that theft can happen at any time. It is necessary to have a process in place to prevent theft. Watch the video below as we discuss how Bepoz Point of Sales Systems can help you prevent theft at your liquor store with our effective theft prevention tactics. 

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03 Jun

Customer Loyalty Programs For Liquor Stores

Loyalty programs are a cornerstone of the retail industry. They provide opportunities for customers to save money while retailers ensure repeat business. Although some states do not allow loyalty programs for liquor, if your state does, Bepoz can help you. Watch the video below for details about our POS’s liquor store customer loyalty program.  

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