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The 7 Best Retail Store Promotions

Every retail business owner wants more traffic because they know it’s a numbers game. More traffic means more sales. However, promoting your store and products to increase the traffic is not always easy. It requires planning, strategy, and execution timed just right. That’s why we put together 7 of the best retail store promotions. Of

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Retail Outlet Inventory System
31 Oct

5 POS Training Tips That Every Business Should Follow

To be a successful restaurant or retail business you need more than just the right location, right products/menu—you need the right team, and one that’s trained well. A good portion of your training should be on your point-of-sale (POS) system. Here are some tips for POS training with your staff. 1. Pick A Teacher Who

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Cash Register POS System
24 Oct

6 Ways To Move Surplus Inventory Quick

Paying attention to your sales and inventory stock is important for any business owner. You have to know what is selling and what is sitting on the shelves. Slow moving or not-moving-at-all items can be a challenge to get rid of, but we’ve got some tips to help move surplus inventory quickly. Plus, don’t forget

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Retail Store Inventory POS System
17 Oct

Restaurant Start-Up Costs: 8 Expenses to Consider

Opening a restaurant? The first thing you might want to clarify is the overall restaurant start-up costs. Unfortunately, there is no formulated answer. However, a recent survey by reveals a good starting point. The median start-up cost  (without land purchase) among 700 restaurant owners surveyed was about $275K. That may seem like a lot,

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Restaurant POS System
10 Oct

Opening A Coffee Shop? Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

It’s a great time to open up a coffee shop. According to the National Coffee Association, the coffee drinking trend is growing, and it’s projected to continue. That means the market has a need for more goods, coffee, and pastry items. As you begin your research into this growing industry, make sure you also research

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Coffee Retail Shop
03 Oct