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Keeping track of toy store sales and inventory can be a losing game if it’s not done swiftly and accurately. The process can be especially tough during store-wide sales or busy toy-buying seasons, particularly if items are missing prices or are part of a special clearance or promotion. Don’t fold just yet, you can instead ante up on your accuracy with a Bepoz Toy Store POS System.

Toy Store POS Software Tailored to Your Needs

Bepoz can put the fun back into keeping track of everything in your toy store, thanks to the streamlined Toy Store Software that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether your store has a single location or several shops around town and beyond, all of your sales, inventory and any special promotions are programmed in for you and your staff’s ease of use. Because Bepoz is a scalable software solution, it can grow as your business grows. It’s secure location on the Cloud serves up quick and easy access to your data from a desktop, laptop or mobile device as long as you have an Internet connection.

More Features for Even More Fun (and Games)

Analytical reports keep track of buying trends, letting you strategically plan promotional events and keep the hottest toys in stock. Customer price checking stations take care of any missing price tags while automated employee discounts ensure you’re staff continues to have its fun, too. Keep current customers smiling and entice new ones with Bepoz Toy Store POS Software’s ability to help you reach out through SMS and email.

Check in on customer satisfaction levels, invite feedback or let folks know about your upcoming sale. Starting and keeping track of membership lists is easy, as are offering Prize Promotions, loyalty awards and fine-tuning communications to match customer buying habits. Contact us for more info.


Software Subscription (SaaS)

Bepoz is a SaaS provider. Customers subscribe to the product for a low monthly payment. There is no long-term contract to sign. If we don’t get you Working Smarter Everyday then you are free return to your old system or identify a new provider.

No Upfront Licensing Fees

We’re not like most Retail Software companies that require upfront fees for activation or for the license. With us you can afford to make such a small investment with a higher level of comfort.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To make things even more appealing we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If the software is not what you expected simply end the subscription before 30 days and get 100% of your first month’s payment returned.


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