Pet Store Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale Software For Pet Stores

If you want to spend more time helping your customers and their furry friends and less time on repetitive tasks, consider a Bepoz pet store point of sale software system. With Bepoz, you’ll have your entire store at your fingertips. With checkout, inventory control, customer management, and staff communication, you’ll save hours in your back office and spend more time at the front of the store.

Give Your Customers More Information as Well

Bepoz doesn’t just help your store’s managers and clerks. You can also set up a terminal for customer use. This will allow them to see what’s in stock without having to look all over the store and will also let them scan products to see the price and more details. If you sell products that go well together, your Bepoz POS system can make suggestions to customers and increase your sales. If you have a special promotion, it can be displayed on screen.

Reward Your Customers… Or Their Pets

Bepoz also offers a fully functional customer reward system. After a certain amount of spending or number of visits, the system can automatically apply a discount, issue a coupon, or alert a clerk to give Fido a special treat. When your customers treat their pets like family, making their pets happy is one of the surest ways to keep them coming back.

Inventory Control

Keeping track of dozens or hundreds of small toys plus the expiration dates on pet foods is no small task. Instead of counting by hand, take advantage of Bepoz’s full cycle inventory control. Enter your product information when you receive a shipment and Bepoz will automatically update your inventory with each sale. You can then see how much you have left and when you need to order more.

Sales Tracking

Have you ever wondered what days or hours are best for your store? Up until now, you’ve probably only had a general idea. Bepoz can provided detailed reporting on your transactions, revenues, and profits over time to make tracking your performance a science. With that information in hand, you’ll be able to predict seasonal trends and plan your inventory to maximize your earnings without worrying about excessive leftover stock.

Simple Isn’t Just For Your Customers

It’s also for ours. That’s why we make getting started as easy as possible. Bepoz installs quickly and all stations are plug and play; if you need to change one out or modify your store’s layout, it’s only a matter of minutes. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can make sure Bepoz is right for you. Not that there’s that much to refund — we charge no upfront licensing fees and use a simple monthly fee so you can plan your budget.

Software Subscription (SaaS)

Bepoz is a SaaS provider. Customers subscribe to the product for a low monthly payment. There is no long-term contract to sign. If we don’t get you Working Smarter Everyday then you are free return to your old system or identify a new provider.

No Upfront Licensing Fees

We’re not like most Retail Software companies that require upfront fees for activation or for the license. With us you can afford to make such a small investment with a higher level of comfort.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To make things even more appealing we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If the software is not what you expected simply end the subscription before 30 days and get 100% of your first month’s payment returned.

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