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Sushi restaurants typically serve a wide variety of dishes, with more types of sushi than your guests may be able to sample in one sitting. This is one reason why it’s so important that you use a Sushi restaurant POS system that makes it easy to quickly identify menu items as well as modifications to orders at the point of sale. Doing so will ensure not only the best possible experience for your guests, but also the health of your establishment’s bottom line.

Freshness is always a high priority in places that serve sushi, and accordingly you will want to take advantage of the Sushi restaurant POS software developed by Bepoz to help you manage your inventory.

For the benefit of your staff and customers who are primarily Japanese speakers, you should know that our Sushi Restaurant POS is great for handling English as a second language environments.

Flexibility is another area where our software really shines. Not only can you customize the menu quickly and conveniently, you can also set up multiple room layouts to accommodate big parties and other special events.

Need to set up a wedding with 100 guests? No problem! Just call up the layout you used for the last big event, and your staff can quickly get started making the changes. The software is also suitable for switching between table service and buffet service.

When it comes to managing guest relations, our Sushi restaurant POS software does an excellent job at helping your wait staff and kitchen identify VIPs and regulars to help keep them happy.

With one quick look at the computer display, you’ll know that one patron always ask for a certain appetizer, for example, and you can send out a tempting treat before the table places its orders. This kind of attention to detail is essential for encouraging your honored guests to come back repeatedly and keeping the cash register singing.

For details on how our Sushi restaurant POS software can make a big difference in managing your restaurant and improving the guest experience while also boosting profits, please feel free to contact us today.

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