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Your Korean restaurant may be a popular meeting place for local Koreans living and working in the community. As a prudent restaurant owner or manager, you need to do everything possible to ensure your guests have an excellent experience.

Using the Korean restaurant POS software developed by our talented team at Bepoz, you can accomplish such tasks as setting up new promotions, which you can then communicate to patrons via SMS and email. Such offers are useful for encouraging diners to come in on a regular basis.

You can also set up graphical table layouts to help every member of the staff see the status of the entire restaurant. You’ll be alerted if no one has attended to a certain table for a set amount of time.

What’s more, this Korean restaurant POS system is capable of handling multiple languages, which is important when the customers and staff speak English as a second language. Removing communications barriers is essential to the efficient functioning of your restaurant.

To help you give special attention to your VIPs and regular customers, our system lets you identify them when they make reservations so the wait staff will be aware of them when they arrive.

Moreover, when your guests want to hold a special event at your restaurant, our Korean restaurant POS system makes it easy to reconfigure the layout of the room to accommodate a meeting, huge party or other kind of celebration.

In the meantime, you can work in the back, using our Korean restaurant POS software to generate reports to help you evaluate ongoing promotions, check food costs and spot areas of waste, as well as update your inventory.
For more information on how using our Korean restaurant POS software in your establishment will help your staff work more efficiently and quickly, giving them more time to focus on giving patrons the attention they deserve, please contact the friendly staff at Bepoz today.

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