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Everything may seem calm and serene in the front of the house at your flourishing Japanese restaurant, but in the back, the staff is typically rushing around, working furiously to get each order out correctly and in the minimum amount of time. To help you manage the furious pace and ensure a positive experience for your guests and staff, it pays to use the Japanese restaurant POS software developed by Bepoz.

Yours Is Unique
No two Japanese restaurants are alike, which is why you want a Japanese restaurant POS that lets you easily customize. Bepoz’s restaurant software table layouts are capable of working with hibachi as well as traditional steakhouse-style table service, giving you the flexibility you need.

Our graphical layouts help staff instantly visualize the status of the entire restaurant throughout all stages of the meal service at every table. In addition, this Japanese restaurant POS system handles multiple languages for your customers and staff who speak English as a second language. This enables everyone to communicate easily.

Safeguards and Efficiency
We’ve designed this Japanese restaurant POS with built-in redundancy, so as orders print out in the kitchen, you can also send them to backup printers, as well as the receipt printer at the service station. This means that a malfunctioning kitchen printer won’t drag you down.

Another important feature of our Japanese restaurant POS software is the ability to tag tables for your VIPs and regular customers, so your staff can make sure to provide them with the special care and attention they require.

Why Pick Bepoz and Nothing Else
Bepoz has been in business for over 40 years. To learn more about how our Japanese restaurant POS system can help your business succeed through even the busiest of times while still engaging customers and keeping the staff happy, please contact us today.

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