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Good curry can only go so far for enticing and retaining customers; you need to provide a top-notch dining experience each and every time. Let Bepoz give you the tools for providing that experience with our Indian Restaurant POS Computer System. Our Indian Restaurant POS Software is more than just a way to keep track of orders and sales. It’s a full-fledged transaction and management system that can communicate in several languages.

Why Bepoz Indian Restaurant POS Software

We tailor our Indian Restaurant POS Software to suit the needs of you, your staff and your patrons, right down to multiple languages that may be spoken in your environment. Visuals make it even easier, providing quick identification of menu items, and your menus aren’t the only things that get a Bepoz boost.

Our Indian Restaurant POS Software provides a graphical layout of the entire restaurant. Servers and management can give a rapid scan of the layout to see what tables are occupied as well as what stage of the meal they’re at. Change layouts as needed to accommodate larger parties, special events or a set up of patrons dining solo. Program automatic alerts to let you know if any tables are being neglected. Track tips and bar tabs; split the check in a snap. Reach out to customers with special offers and promotions via SMS and email.

Behind the Scenes Efficiency

Work your kitchen equally as seamlessly with kitchen printers or kitchen display systems that give staffers the information they need to serve up exactly what each guest ordered. You don’t have to fret if one of your printers goes down; redundancy is part of the set-up to send orders to backups or the server station. Bepoz won’t let you miss a beat.

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