Why Your Restaurant Needs A Mobile POS


More and more businesses are adopting mobile solutions for increased efficiency, and the impact that it brings to their bottom line. Restaurants are no different. In fact, it’s becoming a trend for the industry. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of mobile solutions for restaurants, specifically point-of-sale (POS) solutions.

Streamline Orders

Streamline orders through the use of a mobile device. Your wait staff will be able to take an order tableside, and wirelessly transmit to the kitchen in real-time. That means less wait time on food, and walking to a POS station.

Order Accuracy

When a server takes an order, typically they have to write it down, some rely on memory. However, some orders can have a lot special request. By taking the order tableside, there are less partial and incorrect orders. This increases order accuracy, reduces food waste, and improves customer satisfaction.

Upsell, Upsell, Upsell

One way to increase the ticket size is to upsell. A mobile POS will give servers more time to spend with customers, as well as reminding them to suggest drinks, appetizers, desserts, and any specials. That means bigger tips and bigger sales.

Accommodates Outdoor Seating

In the summer, outdoor seating can help with boosting the number of patrons in your restaurant. The only thing is it can be challenging for servers to work the patio. Why? Most servers have to go inside to find a POS terminal. This is often a less than ideal solution for efficient order entry and checkout procedures. A mobile POS is great for growing restaurants who need to equip outdoor wait staff.

Speedy Cash Out

Most customers want to cash out as soon as they finish that last bite of dessert. It can be a lengthy process though, especially if it’s a busy restaurant and the customer pays with credit. A mobile POS will allow the server to cash the customer out as soon as they ask for their check. Expediting the cash out time, turns tables faster, and increases customer service.

Can you see the benefits a mobile POS might bring to your restaurant? Want to talk more? Give Bepoz a call.