Thrift Store Inventory Management with Thrift Store POS System

Thrift store owners have a lot of balls in the air. They must accept price and inventory donations. They must ensure adequate cash flow is going through their charitable practice. In most cases, they must also find ways to balance ordered inventory with their many donated items. In a perfect world, all of this would happen with ease. Bepoz is here to make your world a bit closer to perfect than it has been in the past with our premier thrift store inventory system. Watch the video below as we explain how we can help manage your thrift store inventory.


Thrift Store Inventory Management of Donated Goods 

We previously discussed how Bepoz helps track donated items. We have a thrift store inventory system that allows you to identify, price, and inventory items as they are donated. When those items are purchased, they are removed from the inventory with a simple scan through the Bepoz POS system. However, your thrift store probably needs more.

Tracking Purchased Thrift Store Inventory

Your thrift store may need to purchase inventory in order to have enough goods to sell. Some thrift shops offer money to individuals who bring in their wares. Others buy new items to sell alongside those donated and slightly used ware that are in the store. Bepoz is able to track your new inventory from the moment it is purchased. In fact, Bepoz can go to the next step and automatically generate new purchases when your stock gets low. What makes this program unique?

Working With New and Used Goods

Few thrift store inventory systems have the ability to track both new and used items. Being able to run reports on all types of inventory lets you, the store owner, learn how you can benefit the most from your purchases. You can easily see which products generate the most sales with the highest margins. You can change the prices of items automatically to run special sales or to increase profit based on supply and demand. You won’t run out of your most popular inventory or order excessive amounts of those items that don’t sell as well.

Learn more about Bepoz’s ability to work with the unique situations of thrift stores by giving us a call. We are excited to talk with you about your future with Bepoz.



Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale Systems. In this video, we’re going to talk about managing inventory for thrift stores.

So in another video, we covered the fact that we can actually process donations at the back door and keep track of labeling products and adding them to inventory. So if you want to find out more about that, you can watch that video.

Managing Your Thrift Store Donation Inventory

But once that inventory’s in the system, it’s important to know that we can do that. And it’s also important to know that many thrift stores buy some purchased goods, and Bepoz has the ability to manage the purchased goods as well. So we can do both donated products and purchased goods.

Once we have the inventory in the system from the donation, then that donated product is depleted as it’s sold. But it is for purchased goods, it’s important to know that Bepoz has the ability to help you streamline that process, help you make better decisions about how to order that inventory, use the system to send off purchase orders to suppliers with intelligent orders, and also help you streamline the process of receiving those orders into your inventory.

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