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If you are using a POS for a thrift store that is only designed to process sales, your business is missing out on incredible technologies that can elevate operations tremendously. 

A typical thrift store processes many sales transactions each day and also accepts donations. Through these activities, inventory fluctuates regularly. Monitoring inventory as well as sales is understandably challenging in this type of environment, and these activities are made more complex because of human error from time to time as well as shrinkage related to theft. 

If you own several thrift stores, consolidating data, managing real-time sales and expenses, transferring inventory to different locations and other tasks requires significant manual effort without access to the right enterprise-level technology.

Top Features for Thrift Stores

1. Advanced Thrift Donation Processing System

If your thrift point of sale software does not currently have inventory management capabilities, this is a sure sign that your business would benefit from an upgrade. Thrift store investment management software automates the donation process and related inventory tracking needs. Your team can simply input new donations into the POS for thrift store solution, and inventory is updated in real-time. This aspect of thrift point of sale software offers substantially more benefits. Through the thrift store inventory software feature, employees can receive assistance related to pricing unusual pieces that they may not be familiar with. The thrift store inventory software can also be used to print price tags immediately and to catalog the items in the inventory.

With these features, thrift software solutions can eliminate the huge piles of inventory that your team needs to process and that takes up valuable floor or storage space. These items can immediately be placed on racks for customers to choose from, which means that your inventory may move through your store faster and with less per-item time requirements. This is only one of the many essential features that you need to be taking advantage of from the best thrift store point of sale system available today.

2. Color Tagging and Rotating Discounts

Thrift store shoppers are on the hunt for a great bargain, and they may be excited about taking advantage of special discounts and promotions that your store offers from time to time. Unfortunately, an outdated POS for thrift store use requires you to manually input sale items into your system, and this requires a considerable amount of time and energy. An effective and modern thrift POS solution can dramatically reduce the administrative hassle associated with running sales and promotions, which means that your business and your customers can take advantage of more frequent or regular promotions.


3. Thrift Store Point of Sale Software That’s Easy to Use

The best thrift store point of sale system is designed to improve functionality and to help you run many aspects of your business smoother and easier. Simply having access to complex thrift software that delivers incredible features is not enough. POS systems software for thrift store use must actually be accessible and easy to use in order to be truly beneficial. This is what you can expect from a Bepoz thrift store point of sale system.

Consider your employees’ experience with your current thrift store POS solution. Your thrift point of sale system may enable transactions to be processed in the store, but the employees may need to take additional steps to manually track inventory. They may also need to process end-of-day sales reports by taking additional steps before they turn off the lights and head home. When customers drop off donations, they must determine pricing manually, create price tags and update inventory. If you have multiple locations, inventory and sales must be reconciled across the enterprise. Inventory transfers may require manual effort as well. These are all aspects of your employees’ daily efforts that can be automated with thrift shop software from Bepoz.

4. Boosted Sales with Dynamic Thrift Store Point of Sale Software
You can see that modern and effective thrift shop software does far more than process sales, but you may not realize that a POS system for thrift store use can actual bolster sales and profits. Consider that labor and inventory costs are two of the more notable expenses that your thrift store is responsible for, and these can be tracked via modern thrift software from Bepoz. As a store owner, you must know where your money is flowing so that you can determine if your financial resources are being used in the most effective manner.

For example, a thrift store POS system may be used to track employee attendance and productivity. In fact, a thrift store point of sale system may provide you with real-time data in these areas so that you can take immediate action to better manage your store. If you are running multiple stores, an enterprise-level thrift point of sale system simplifies your ability to address these needs from a centralized location.

5. Increase Productivity
Many of your employees want to do quality work, and some of them may not feel confident about their efforts. Thrift POS software is so intuitive and easy to use that it takes the guesswork and confusion out of your employees’ workdays. A thrift store POS system empowers your employees to work confidently. They know that all of the sales data is entered correctly, prices are ringing up right and more.

Easy to Learn and Use

Custom workflows and a touchscreen interface makes it easy to quickly serve accurate orders.

24/7 Support

Support is available 24/7 via phone and email to ensure the maximum uptime for your business.

Highly Customizable

Bepoz POS can be designed to fit unique business requirements.

Advanced Reporting

Get an overview of your entire operation or examine detailed breakdowns. Access reports from anywhere – even your email inbox.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Offer special pricing, tiered loyalty programs, randomly selected bonuses, messages and more.

Multi-Location Inventory

Inventory and pricing changes at any location transfer instantly to all sites.

What Else Makes Bepoz The Best Choice?

Get a powerful and cost-effective Point of Sale system with no long term contracts to sign. Subscriptions are month-to-month and there are no upfront licensing fees. 

Low monthly payments and no long-term contract to sign. 

Unlike many retail software companies there are no upfront fees. 

Our team is always available. 

Never pay for a POS upgrade again. With Bepoz you always get the latest features and security enhancements.

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