Point of Sale Membership Management Made Easy

Membership management can be a challenge, but not for Bepoz. Bepoz has simple solutions that many point-of-sale (POS) systems are missing. For example, Bepoz can make sure your current memberships are active by managing secure payments. Set up a notification when a membership is not paid or out-of-date. If the membership is out of date, then the member will not be able to access the benefits of their membership. Below are a few more examples of features of the Bepoz membership system.

Membership Tiers

Set up different tiers of memberships like Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Let Bepoz keep track of the different benefits for each level, along with the rewards of each.

Product Promotions

Set a product or group of products at a promotional price for a specific period of time. Ticketing, restaurant, bar and retail examples abound. Here’s one example, you want to hold a happy hour member’s only margarita special for $5 pitchers between 4 and 6pm Monday thru Thursday. You can set your POS to automatically give the discount when the server punches in the item at the POS terminal using the members account. It’s possible with Bepoz!

If you’re a retailer, let’s say you want to give a buy-one-get-one sandal promo to your members. Choose what level of membership can receive the deal, and which outlet of your business will support it. Membership management is easy with Bepoz.

If your operation utilizes tickets, members often get in free. Bepoz can also maintain and track a certain quantity of buddy passes for members of various levels, so that they can get 5 friends in free per year for instance.

Loyalty Program

With Bepoz, memberships can include loyalty if you want. Many businesses have loyalty programs set up to help communication efforts with their customers. They are also helpful in generating more sales. Bepoz’s loyalty system is easy to set up and easy for customers to use. Create how you want to give rewards and bonuses. You can vary by time of day, day of the week, type of product, etc. Then customers can redeem their points and bonuses at checkout.

For example, an ice cream shop owner might choose to give away a free cone after 10 cone purchases. Your loyalty program can keep track of those purchases. It can work similarly for a retailer.

And The Features Continue

  • Full account purchase & activity history
  • Print member cards
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Communicate through text and emails
  • Automatic movement to new membership levels
  • Segmentation
  • Customer invoicing

What kind of membership management program would fit your business? Give us a call to help you choose what features within Bepoz could help you best.