Maximize Your Holiday Gift Card Sales

iStock 000003056776Small 300x196 - Maximize Your Holiday Gift Card SalesGift cards are on of the most requested gifts each year. This year is no different. According to the National Retail Federation, those who plan to purchase gift cards will total nearly 26 billion dollars in sales this holiday season. That’s a lot of money, and there’s no reason you should miss out on your portion.

A Point-of-sale (POS) system can offer an easy way to provide your customers the convenience and flexibility of gift cards. For you, a customized gift card with your logo gives you a better way to serve current customers, helps you win over new ones, and best of all, boosts your sales.

Here are some ways to increase the sale of gift cards, which includes some help from your POS system.

It’s All in the Packaging

Appeal to people’s senses. Put your card inside a little box, or maybe inside a coffee mug with your logo, add some chocolate and even a bow. Make it look enticing, and watch these packages with your gift card inside fly off the shelf!

Use Your Loyalty Program

Create a gift card promotion through your loyalty program that you run through your POS system. For example, a quality POS system can target specific customers in your database to receive certain promotions. Perhaps, a VIP customer might receive a higher discount, or someone who purchased a certain product might receive a promotion for a similar product. For example: buy a product, get a $5 gift card; or spend $25, get a gift card. You can also offer loyalty points on top of the incentive.

Offer Discounts with Multiple Cards

Bundle up several cards together and sell with a discount. An example might be to sell three $25 gift cards for $70, or four $25 gift cards for $90. On average, customers will spend 20 percent more than the gift card value. So don’t be concerned about losing money at the check out.

Use Your Data

You probably have customer data if you’re using a quality POS system that is tracking your customer’s spending habits and your relationship with them. Use this information to create a targeted email campaign that will entice these former gift card purchasers to purchase again.

Sell an Experience

Some customers may want to be a little more secretive about what they spend on a gift. So provide an option to buy an experience. For example, if you own a spa, instead of selling a $50 gift card, sell a 30-minute massage.

Partner Up

You can also promote your gift card to other businesses and corporations to use as employee incentives, sales incentives, client gifts, retention and loyalty program gifts, thank you gifts and more! Use your point-of-sale software to keep track of measuring the most successful partnerships.

As you can probably tell, there are many ways to boost your sales with gift cards, so don’t miss out. And don’t forget to utilize your POS system to maximize your gift card sales this holiday season.