12 Aug

The Most Important Features in a POS System

Point of sale systems aren’t just tools to help facilitate the customer checkout process; the right POS system can optimize a multitude of internal, operational, and customer-facing processes to ensure you’re working smarter. Here are some of the most important ways the unique features offered in Bepoz’s POS system can better your business.The ability to enhance customer checkoutDespite that retailers like Apple swapped a traditional checkout line for mobile checkout transactions a few years ago, the idea hasn’t taken over the mainstream customer checkout experience — but it soon will. In fact, IHL Group estimates that by 2016, mobile POS will account for nearly 13 percent of all transactions, and that in the next few years, more than 85 percent of major retailers will shift to a mobile POS system. By adjusting to this “new normal,” businesses equipped with a mobile POS can experience multiple direct benefits: increased customer convenience, greater ROI opportunities for paid staff and fewer lost sales. (Some shopper behavior research suggests that nearly one third of customers will abandon a purchase if they are made to wait longer than five minutes to check out.) When your staff are equipped with mobile POS tablets they can move about the store to accommodate customers at the exact moment they’re ready to purchase.

Appropriate pricing and promotions — for the customer, and your business

Intelligent marketing that delivers a maximum ROI requires more than loyalty programs or targeted offers; it’s about understanding that every customer has unique needs, and using appropriate POS data to meet them in a way that delivers on them, while at the same time improving your business. Bepoz POS allows you to customize pricing, promotions and packaged offers at the customer level, and adjust (or  “expire”) those offers in real time based on inventory levels and sales data at multiple locations, the POS helps you to optimize every transaction in a way that is advantageous to your businesses inventory levels and sales volume.

The ability to proactively control inventory

Inventory is a cost of doing business that you can manage and even control with Bepoz’s POS system that allows you to receive and/or move inventory from anywhere — including a till, back office or mobile inventory device in real time, to ensure that stock on hand is appropriately reflected across every channel in which you sell — including online. Additionally, as consumers are increasingly empowered through technology like smartphones, tablet devices, and the ability to essentially shop a variety of retailers to compare prices, customer reviews and product selection, they expect to know exactly what you have in stock at any given time. With a POS that equips you to make adjustments to inventory from anywhere, you can ensure that you meet customer expectations and complete more transactions.

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