How A Gift Card Program Can Work For You

If you haven’t started a gift card program, you should. The total volume of gift card sales in the U.S. is projected to reach $160 billion this year, and Bepoz’s Gift Card program makes it easy for your restaurant or business to receive a piece of that statistical pie through your point-of-sale (POS) system.

What Is A Gift Card Program?

A gift card program gives customers the option to buy gift cards that carry a balance. Those cards can be given as gifts and redeemed in your business at a later date. Here are some key gift card features that can work for you.

In-Store Sales

  • Launch a complete gifting program. Sell plastic gift cards that look similar to a credit card in your store.


  • Barcodes on the card make it easy for scanning, or the random number can be keyed in at the POS terminal during the transaction.


  • Bepoz can track the card sales. It cannot be over redeemed, and can be redeemed in partial amounts over several transactions at multiple stores.
  • Pull valuable sales insights each week, month, year, and consolidate all your tracking and reporting in one place. Take an in-depth look at all the gift cards issued and their balances.

Other Features

  • Enter the specific amount onto the card or add it when it is sold
  • Automatic card reloading
  • Make modifications to cards and packages
  • Simple integration with third party software
  • Easy to sell, redeem, and pull data at the POS terminal

Bottom line—Bepoz’s Gift Card program has some solid features that can help you improve profits, attract new customers and build brand loyalty.  Gift cards can also help to improve staff morale as a winning incentive during an employee contest.

However you choose to utilize your gift card program, just make sure you do. Call Bepoz for a POS demo and more direction on how this software can work for your business.