5 Ways to Utilize Your POS to Cash In On Pokémon GO

It’s the newest craze— Pokémon GO — a mobile reality game that uses a smart phone’s GPS and camera to create an augmented reality. This trend is transforming kids, teens and adults into Pokémon GO “trainers” in search of iconic creatures, and the hunting grounds start at local attractions and businesses. That’s why many retailers are looking into ways to cash in on this phenomenon. If you are too, don’t forget to utilize the power of your point-of-sale (POS) system and it’s software to help. Here are some ideas.

1. Utilize CRM

First, let your most loyal customers know that you are welcoming Pokémon GO trainers. Send them an email through you POS’ Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. (This software connects with and monitors your customers to build loyalty and increase sales.) While not everyone will be a Pokémon GO trainer, you may peak interest. Plus, this fun announcement will advance the impression that your brand is tolerant of new trends, good-natured, and has a sense of humor.

Second, keep the connection between your customers going with an automated email drip feed. Delight Pokémon GO trainers with promotions and give-a-ways.

Third, continue to monitor your customer’s spending. This new, fun way to bring in new and loyal customers may start to show different trends in your data. Use it to highlight items and promotions that your customers care about.

2. Utilize RFID

Bepoz offers the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) to help retailers with gift cards, customer account cards, loyalty cards and employee access control. Let’s look at just loyalty cards in regards to Pokémon GO.

When RFID is embedded in the loyalty cards, the sensors can help retailers identify specific customers in order to match the right products and services to them. With RFID, retailers can uniquely recognize a customer as he or she walks in or around a store. What happens is the loyalty card they carry automatically triggers interactive signage or Kiosks to display targeted discounts or offers for that customer. Use that signage to let your loyal customer know how your store is partnering with Pokémon GO, give insider clues to finding creatures, and even coupons to those who play the game in your store.

3. Use a Retailer App

Apply the concept of Pokémon GO within a retailer app. This will immerse shoppers in a game-like environment upon entering a store. They could view special deals or coupons only available within the app. The game could lead shoppers to areas of the store they may not have planned to visit. Once there, extra bonuses could be unveiled, driving impulse buys.

4. Create More Loyal Customers

It’s probably that you will attract new customers. Give a great first impression to Pokémon GO trainers by creating specific promotions or giveaways that acknowledge their “secret society.” Collect data like emails at your point-of-sale system. Then begin to connect and monitor their spending habits.

5. Move Top Sellers

Use your POS system to check and see what top items are selling. Move those items near the location of the highly searched after creatures in your store. Also, you can invest in lures, which attract Pokémon trainers into your store.

While you may not be able to implement all these ideas, they will at least get your creative juices flowing on how you can cash in on the Pokémon GO craze. You can also call Bepoz to talk about a POS system for your business