4 Simple Steps to Preventing a Holiday Retail Cyber Attack

If you’re a retailer you’re most likely posturing yourself right now to receive the highest sales volume of the year starting on Black Friday. And while focusing on increasing sales is key, don’t forget to consider some ways to protect your data at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal. Today’s threats are complex, persistent and increasingly evasive. And a malware attack during the holidays could be the worst gift you could receive.

While this is not a complete list of things that should be done to secure your system, here are a few steps toward peace of mind, and preventing a cyber attack.

1. Update Your POS Software

The best way to harden your software against malware attacks is to update your POS software. This is an important step in the fight to protect data and information. This process works to eliminate means of attack by patching vulnerabilities and turning off inessential services.

 2. Utilize Software that Detects and Prevents Data Loss

There is no perfect software that is 100% safe from malware attacks; however, you can find solutions that can harden your software like: monitoring your data for unauthorized access or data infiltration; applying whitelisting software; practicing vulnerability management by implementing scanners that find weaknesses in networks, applications, and devices just to name a few.

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Users

The more users that login to your POS system, the more chances you have that one could inadvertently compromise your security. Keep users to a minimum, and consider increasing security with a two-factor authentication.

4. Train Your Employees

The human element is often the weakest link. Be sure to train and regularly update your staff to remind them about security precautions. Talk to them about following good password practices, staying watchful and speaking up, and most importantly they need to know your company’s policies and procedures regarding data breach.

These four steps may seem simple, but the magnitude of what they can prevent are well worth your time and effort in implementation. Remember no one is fully safe from a malware attack, but if you have taken the right steps to secure, update, and harden your data; trained your employees properly; and removed unnecessary users— odds are that cyber criminals will pass you by to find an easier target. Bepoz recommends that you consult a security profession for additional advice on what should be done to secure your system. The peace of mind knowing you’ve taken precautions might be the best Christmas gift you give yourself this year.