4 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs A Kitchen Display System

Efficiency and accuracy can make or break your business. In a busy restaurant, a kitchen display system (KDS) integrated with your point-of-sale (POS) system can help. Here are five reasons why you might want to consider a kitchen display system.


A KDS eliminates the kitchen staff having to read hand-written tickets. There is no guessing because the orders are spelled out in a standardized, abbreviated format.


Servers can type in a customer’s order and send it directly to the kitchen in real-time. Using a mobile POS system can do it even faster, as the server orders tableside, instead of moving to an input station. The chef can read the order immediately on a screen, and start the cooking process.

Data Reporting

Want to pinpoint areas of improvement to increase productivity? Managers can generate data for speed of service and historical reporting. A KDS also allows managers to optimize labor by comparing speed of service data against revenue. This is important because it allows operators to determine whether an increase of sales is turning into profit or being lost to operational inefficiencies.

Keeps Track of Orders

During peak times it can be challenging for kitchen staff and servers to prioritize the order meals should be completed, keep track of what meals have been started, and remember which meals still need more prep. When cooks use hand-written or printed orders there is a potential for tickets to fall off the line and get lost. A KDS can minimize errors by removing the potential for ticket loss and by showing accurate times. The software can also help show when an order is taking too long so that cooks can manage production problems.

A kitchen display system brings accuracy, speed, real-time data reporting, and order tracking. Could you kitchen improve in efficiency and production with a KDS? Call Bepoz for more information about integrating a KDS with you POS system.