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Cigar Store POS With Age and ID Verification

Cigar stores must follow state and federal guidelines when it comes to determining the legal age for shoppers. Watch this video as we cover some of the ways Bepoz’s Cigar Store POS System can help with cigar store age verification.  The Importance of Checking Identification The legal age to buy tobacco in the United

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Cigar Store POS With Age/ID Verification
26 Jan

Cigar Store POS That Can Manage Case Breaks (Boxes and Sticks)

Cigar stores may sell items by the box or by the stick. Unfortunately, many inventory systems cannot automatically inventory boxes that have been broken down into sticks. Watch the video below as we share how our cigar store POS system accurately manages your boxes and sticks inventory.  Cigar Store POS Boxes and Sticks: The

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Cigar Store Boxes & Sticks
13 Jan