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Amazing Speed With A Restaurant POS System

The wait staff should be able to quickly utilize the fine dining POS system in order to get the customers’ orders entered. Once entered, the meals are prepared and brought out to the customer in a timely fashion, while every phase is tracked by the POS system. The staff should be familiar enough with the system in order to be able to maneuver through the screens efficiently.

When the Bepoz POS system is initially set up, it can be done in a way that is most useful to the wait staff while using it to communicate with the kitchen and other staff members. This process should be simple because the customer’s time is of the utmost of importance at any fine dining facility.

Each screen contains the information needed in an organized and easy-to-use set up. The status of each table can be visible from the screen helping all staff members understand what is going on at any given moment during the customer’s experience. It is simple to change the dining room layout in order to accommodate any guest seating request.

POS System Communication Throughout The Restaurant

It is extremely necessary that the desires of every customer be communicated to the kitchen and management using the POS system. Giving the customer exactly what they want is the key to a great fine dining experience. As much as the wait and kitchen staff is important, the communication between them is even more important. Customer service will soar when everyone gets exactly what they have asked for.

Bepoz POS system for fine dining can be programmed to alert the staff when there is a need in the dining room. You are able to schedule alerts when a table of customers is waiting to be attended. You are also able to program exactly which meal was ordered at each place at the table. This will make it easier when bringing meals out from the kitchen, and easier to split checks or combine them at the customer’s request.

The POS system for fine dining will also allow the restaurant to keep a record of important customers. This will allow the wait staff and kitchen to always have the customer’s necessary desired items or certain table waiting for them when they make a reservation. Bepoz will also allow you to know how they prefer their order, or what they require with each dish. Order modifications are simple with this fine dining POS system.

Information Stored in the POS System

The information necessary to allow customers to feel valued at your fine dining facility can all be stored in your POS system. You are able to keep track of tips, tabs, accounts, and history so that every customer will feel valued and appreciated. Fine dining is an experience in addition to the food ordered.

This feature will allow management to look at reports and inventory any time it is needed. This will make closing out sales and promotions simple and quick. All information is kept in order so that it is there and available to be put in any report whenever necessary.

Inventory and accounts payable and receivable will be simple to control with the Bepoz POS system for fine dining. Everything can be quickly entered and tracked in order to make it easy to know what needs to be purchased and what does not need to be purchased each week.

Software Subscription (SaaS)

Bepoz is a SaaS provider. Customers subscribe to the product for a low monthly payment. There is no long-term contract to sign. If we don’t get you Working Smarter Everyday then you are free return to your old system or identify a new provider.

No Upfront Licensing Fees

We’re not like most Retail Software companies that require upfront fees for activation or for the license. With us you can afford to make such a small investment with a higher level of comfort.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To make things even more appealing we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If the software is not what you expected simply end the subscription before 30 days and get 100% of your first month’s payment returned.

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