Donut Shop Point of Sale System

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Donut Shop Software Features


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Do what you need to do when you need to do it. Schedule menu changes, even permanent or temporary price changes, and count inventory when its convenient.


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Great kitchen communication is vital to give great service. Send orders to the kitchen printer and a kitchen video display to ensure accuracy.


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Get more sales of higher margin and promotional items with the power of suggestion. Our Digital Signage functionality will make all the difference.
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Sweet Pit Stop

Most folks can’t pass up a delicious, fresh pastry to start off their day. That’s why the donut business is a sweet one both figuratively and monetarily. Considered a Quick-Service Restaurant, it’s imperative that donut shops provide more than just fast service and tasty treats. Let Bepoz help with software, hardware, support, and training. We’ve got everything to meet all your POS needs.

Bepoz’s Donut Shop POS Software Benefits

There are many benefits, here are a just a few.

  • Accurate, Fast Service – One of the busiest places in the morning, besides the highway, is a donut shop. For must customers, since they are on their way to work, the clock starts as soon as they walk in your shop. That’s why fast, friendly, and accurate customer service is key. Bepoz’s software is easy for staff to use, features menu modifiers, and helps with accuracy. A Kitchen Video Display eliminates the need for paper receipts. Paper receipts can get misplaced or end up in the wrong sequence. With a video display, the barista can glance at the screen to make the perfect latte, while the cashier takes the order, and boxes up the bakers’ dozen.
  • Tracks Ingredients – Keeping track of flour, sugar, butter and other baking ingredients can be challenging, but not if Bepoz’s POS software is in place. It keeps track of every ingredient used and every item sold. This is key to long-term success in waste management, as well as helping you with re-ordering.
  • Data Reporting – Measure success and forecast with data reporting. Want to know what items sell the best? Pull the numbers. Interested in running a promotion but not sure what menu item to use? Check the data. Let your POS monitor employee contests, promotions, peak service times, and so much more! Pull up sales by item, hour, etc., view food and labor costs, and find out how many new customers have come through the door at any given time.

Works for One or Many Locations

Be organized, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profits. Let Bepoz organize all your donut shop locations with its easy-to-use, reliable software.

We Know What You Want

We’ve been in the POS industry for over 40 years. We have learned what business owners want. That is why there are no upfront licensing fees or long-term contracts. We offer a month-to-month subscription with a 30-day money-back-guarantee. Be one of the more than 5,000 companies worldwide who have tried Bepoz. Contact us today to learn more.